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Whitecourt Alberta

This project is a buy and hold that we successfully completed in 2020. The property consists of 9 units, and our strategy is to increase rents through sound management.

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Keswick, Ontario

This property was a successful complete renovation. From start to finish our team was on time, done on budget, and done professionally which increased our profits. 

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Scarborough, Ontario

This fix and flip was a full revamp of what the property used to be. By hiring the right team of design experts and contractors, this flip was done on time and very profitable.


Strathmore, Alberta

This apartment complex consists of 11 units, and presents value add opportunity through sound management and rental increases. The town of Strathmore is located 50km east of Calgary. 




This apartment building is located in the community of Wadena, Saskatchewan. This property presents value add opportunity through sounds management with rental increases.

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